Ep. 5 – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Macro vs. Micro Solutions

Macro vs. Micro Solutions

On this episode of Broke-ish, Delina and Erika take a step back to explain why micro-solutions aren’t the answer to the macro issues we discuss on Broke-ish. Sometimes people say, “if we would just” or “why can’t we be like so-and-so” in order to solve issues created by the racial wealth gap. Here you will find the framework and motivation for engaging in a broader conversation about Blackonomics.

And what do buckets and levies have to do with any of this? Don’t be an agent of white supremacy. Tune in to this episode of Broke-ish and let’s change the conversation. If you don’t know, now you know.
 Be conscious of the times that you want to say, “If we would just…or Why can’t we be like such and such.”
 While you’re listening to or reading the news, determine if what you’re hearing/reading is a micro-level story or a macro-level story. If it’s micro, is there a macro-level cause?

Receipts (Show Notes)

Micro-economics:  a study of economics in terms of individual areas of activity (merriam-webster.com)

Macro-economics:   a study of economics in terms of whole systems (merriam-webster.com)

Psychology of Oppression

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Thick:  And Other Essays

Author: Tressie McMillan Cottom

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Trump Took Credit for the ‘Lowest Rate Ever Recorded’ of African-American Unemployment. The Reality Is More Complex (fortune.com)

Author:  Alana Abramsom

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The Large Racial Poverty Gap and Its Impact on Higher Education (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education)

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What We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

Authors: William Darity Jr., Darrick Hamilton, Mark Paul, Alan Aja, Anne Price, Antonio Moore and Caterina Chiopris

Date: April 2018

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