The Broke-ish Debut!

You can listen to the pilot episode of Broke-ish. Just press play below.

What is Broke-ish? In this episode we meet our co-hosts, Delina and Erika.  The whole idea of Broke-ish is that even though your financial choices matter, what has made a more significant impact are the systems and structures that are in place that specifically target black folks and keep us from being able to achieve the American dream. America has sold us this bill of goods that makes us think that because we have a career and we might have been able to buy a house and financially, as far as our salaries are concerned, we might seem to be doing well.  The part that they haven’t told us is that we don’t have the level of security and stability that it really takes to thrive in America. We’re talking about it in this debut episode of Broke-ish.

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  1. Erica and Delina are awesome! Thank you for a History class, and an English class, but most of all a math class. Not to mention that you guys are also funny!! Thank you for giving us some of your background stories. Knowing where you come from and how you got to where you are is a testimony in itself for some of us. I’m excited to learn how to do the best I can with what I have. Im ready to learn and grow!

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