Ep 35 – Get Low: Why Black Political Power is More than Just Voting in National Elections

On this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by activist and political thinker, Corregan Brown, to discuss the importance of the local political landscape and why Black people must start leveraging their political power in ways other than just voting. By recalling his own personal experiences running for local office, Corregan shares with Brokers the impact that Black voices can make being involved in municipal, county, and statewide policy making. Looking beyond presidential politics and national elections provides us with an opportunity to influence decisions that reverberate up to the national level. Tune in to get the scoop!


  1. Make sure that you are registered to vote where you live.
  2. Pull your sample ballot where you live and research your options before voting.


Check your voter registration

Corregan Brown is a commentator and grassroots activist speaking to issues of race and anti-racism, civic engagement, and politics. As a Princeton educated IT specialist, Corregan’s perspective is uniquely informed by his status as an “outsider”. He has run for political office and worked with various community organizations. He writes regularly about current events and social issues on his Facebook page. Corregan currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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