Ep 33 – Why We’re Still Talking About Slavery 150 Years Later…

In this week’s episode Amber and Erika are joined by Dr. Calvin Schermerhorn of Arizona State University to discuss slavery, capitalism and reparations. Dr. Schermerhorn helps draw a straight line from slavery’s fueling of American capitalism to the inequity and wealth disparities that plague Black America today. We also discuss the need for reparations and this nation’s antagonism to righting the wrongs inflicted by chattel slavery. Tune in to see what we’re talking about!


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The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815–1860
Author:  Dr. Calvin Schermerhorn
Date:  2015

Unrequited Toil: A History of United States Slavery
Author:  Dr. Calvin Schermerhorn
Date:  2018

Money over Mastery, Family over Freedom: Slavery in the Antebellum Upper South
Author:  Dr. Calvin Schermerhorn
Date:  2011

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