Ep. 9 – The Big Payback: Reparations with At the Intersection Podcast

On this episode of Broke-ish, Delina and Erika are joined by the hosts of the At the Intersection podcast to discuss President Trump’s signing of an executive order to fund a comprehensive reparations program. Listen to this episode for all the details. How do you want your reparations?

And if you’re reading this after April 1, President Trump signing a reparations bill is the ultimate April Fool’s joke. Don’t be a fool, listen to this episode about the important topic of reparations. The whys, the hows, the how much, we talk about it all with the hosts of one of our favorite podcasts, At the Intersection, Brian Kennedy and Marion Johnson. We’re talking about it on this episode of Broke-ish.


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Democrats and slavery reparations: where do 2020 candidates stand?

Authors: Hubert Adjei-Kontoh and Oliver Laughland

Date: March 21, 2019

The Case for Reparations

Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Date: June 2014

William Darity on Reparations and Campaign 2020

Duke University professor William Darity talked about reparations and the role they could play in the 2020 presidential campaign. He spoke via video link from Durham, North Carolina.

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