Ep 81 – Sista to Brotha: A Community Conversation on Black Male Employment

On this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by Broke-ish all-star, Dr. Algernon Austin, the Director of Race and Economic Justice at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. We discuss Dr. Austin’s latest article, “Black Women’s Views on Black Men’s High Rate of Joblessness.” Dr. Austin helps us unpack some of the systemic reasons why the Black population is the only demographic where there are fewer employed men than women. From both the relational perspective and the communal impacts, Dr. Austin’s research clearly demonstrates that Black male employment is an issue that undeniably and deeply affects Black women, too. Finally, we look at potential policy solutions that may help to address this problem and create stronger job opportunities for Black men in the future. Tune in to get the scoop!


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