Ep 80 – To Be Us: Working While Black

On this episode of Broke-ish, Amber and Erika are joined by Tosca Davis and Dr. Cedrick Smith, the co-founders of To Be Us Productions, to discuss their groundbreaking film, “To Be Us: To Work”. The documentary film, which won “Best of Film” at the International Black Film Festival, chronicles a cross-section of working Black people sharing their experiences with racism, micro-aggressions, and the accompanying insidious hostility in their respective industries and work places. These heartfelt, painful stories are a sobering reminder of how inescapable racism is for all Black Americans, and how we must endure it to survive in this world. But in reclaiming our power by sharing our stories and empowering each other, “To Be Us: To Work” is a beautiful reminder that Black people overcome by the words of our testimony. Tune in to listen and learn where you can watch the film!


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