Ep 77 – We Ain’t in Good Hands After All: Racism and the Insurance Industry

On this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by Michael DeLong, Research and Advocacy Associate from the Consumer Research Federation of America, to discuss how racism insidiously and nefariously impacts the American insurance industry. Michael walks us through the factors that are used to calculate the cost of insurance for most people – credit, education, zip code, and job titles, just to name a few. As expected, the racial disparities inherent in those factors naturally spill out into the pricing of insurance and handling of insurance claims. We discuss some real world examples of insurance discrimination and the impact it has on Black families trying to protect their most valuable assets. And then we conclude with Michael providing the Brokers some practical tips on how to spot whether they’re experiencing discrimination and what steps can be taken if that’s true. Tune in and get the scoop!


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