Ep 76 – Black to Life, Black to Reality: Creating Community and Connection on Social Media

On this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by Fernanda Meier, a photographer, educator, activist, and digital nomad to discuss the unique, subversive ways that Black people – particularly Black women and femmes – have utilized social media to build community and advocate for equity and justice. Fernanda walks us through the value of community in digital spaces and how social media has been a space of togetherness, sharing, and connection. But just like everything built against the backdrop of capitalist greed, Black social media is not immune to the anti-blackness, patriarchy, and phobias that pervade society at large. Through current events, Fernanda helps us identify what we can learn about the need for critical analysis, media literacy, and boundaries in curating thriving digital spaces created for us and by us. Press play to hear the scoop!


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  2. Watch this clip of the “Dark Girls” Documentary, which is specifically a 3 minute clip about how darker skinned Black women have used social media to curate healthy images of themselves and reclaim their beauty. Watch and let’s discuss in the comments on Brokeish social media


Guest Bio:

Fernanda has been a social worker, trainer, teacher, and international traveller for over 20 years. Her experience began while she was in college, and eventually transitioned into ESOL and college readiness instruction for schools, districts and community-based organizations before taking on social work and account management. She attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, graduating with degrees in International Relations and Latin American Studies.

Born in Accra, Ghana, Fernanda has lived in New York, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico and now New Orleans, since moving to the United States. She thrives while working remotely as a digital nomad, and creatively incorporates her global adventures into her work while leveraging her diverse experiences and knowledge to best serve her clients’ needs. Fernanda is passionate about social justice, decolonization, environmental conservation, and making the world a better place for future generations.



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