Ep 73 – We Just Wanna Be Free: An Abolitionist Framework for Ending Mass Incarceration

This episode Amber and Erika are joined by Michelle Williams of Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Michelle, an activist and abolitionist, shares with us the story of Kevin Johnson, a Black man sentenced to death for taking the life of a police officer at 19 years old after witnessing the sudden death of his younger brother. Michelle details the trauma, neglect, and abuse that filled Kevin’s life prior to his conviction. Next, we discuss how the consistent disregard for Kevin’s traumatic past highlights the inequities that necessitate a reimagined societal framework and criminal justice system. We walk through what it means to be an abolitionist and how liberated, safe, and justice-oriented communities can be created outside of the carceral context. Tune in to hear what we’ve got to say!


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