Ep 72 – (Do Not) Hear Ye’, Hear Ye’: On Kanye West and How Black People Help to Uphold White Supremacy

On this episode of Broke-ish, Amber and Erika are jumping head first into current events by discussing Kanye West’s disastrous interview on the Drink Champs Podcast. We start by breaking down the anti-semitism, misogyny/misogynoir, pro-capitalist delusions, and racist tropes that pervaded the interview. Next, we outline what Kanye’s vapid comments teach us about the ways that Black people can be invested in upholding White Supremacy and oppressive capitalism. Kanye’s statements about Jews and women also demonstrate how oppressive systems are thrive off of pitting marginalized people against each other. Capitalism won’t save us and neither will proximity to power nor the pursuit of White affirmation. Tune in to listen to us unpack the madness!


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