Ep 71 – What About the Children? – CPS, Black Lives, and Community Care

On this episode, Amber and Erika discuss Child Protective Services (CPS) and its often overlooked role as a powerful ally and agent of law enforcement. Along with our guest, Amanda Wallace of Stop CPS, a former CPS investigator in North Carolina with over a decade of experience, we are diving in to how CPS is often biased against Black families and disproportionately exercises its power to the detriment of Black children. Amanda walks us through the history of CPS, revealing its racially discriminatory roots, and then shares with us first hand accounts of how policies and procedures can mix with systemic racism to harm Black people. Amanda also offers practical tips that families can employ if they are ever under CPS investigation and alternatives to CPS that are more beneficial and responsive to vulnerable families. Take a listen to get the inside scoop!


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