Ep. 7 – Fight the Power: Housing Part 2

On this episode of Broke-ish, Delina talks with Doug Ryan of  Prosperity Now. This expert explains why housing has historically been important in wealth-building and explains the types of policies that need to be in place so that Black folks don’t get left out of the wealth-building game through housing. Erika reminds us that in order for things to change, we’ve got to Fight the Power. Nothing is going to get fixed if we do nothing. We’re talking about it on this episode of Broke-ish. 


Start noticing who is running for office. Hold them accountable for the issues that matter to you be writing letters, send emails, contacting them via social media and calling their offices. Now is the time for you to declare what issues are important to you.


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Restrictive Covenants

  • Corrigan v. Buckley: This ruling set the precedent upholding racially restrictive covenants in Washington; soon after this ruling, racially restrictive covenants flourished around the nation. (1926)
  • Shelley v Kraemer: The Equal Protection Clause prohibits racially restrictive housing covenants, and that such covenants are unenforceable in court. (1948)

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