Ep 69 – Broke-ish University: Civics 101 (They Don’t Really Care About Us)

Welcome to Civics 101! Amber and Erika are taking the Brokers back to school with this episode. So many of us have been propagandized in school and through media to believe that our nation is a democracy founded by the people for the people, and that voting and political participation were intended to keep government directly accountable to the people. However, through detailing the circumstances under which our nation was founded and the great distrust that many Founders harbored towards common people, it is clear that this nation never intended for everyday people to wield political power or exert significant influence. By debunking myths about the power of voting and highlighting the role that racism and slavery played in the formation of this country, we lay out why it is so important to understand how the American political system really works and who it was designed to benefit. Take a listen to get the scoop!


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