Ep 60 – Cryptocurrency 101: The Dollars & (Non)Sense of it All…

In this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by a Broke-ish All-Star, Dr. Jared Ball, to discuss the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. Dr. Ball combines his expertise in media literacy with his personal interest in cryptocurrency to show us how savvy messaging creates the illusion of a crypto market that’s inoculated from the racism and inequality that plagues traditional financial markets. But a little deep diving reveals the inescapable reality that racism, sexism, scheming, and wealth disparities exist everywhere – even in the crypto universe. Tune in to get the scoop on whether cryptocurrency is a source of wealth and financial freedom for Black people, or simply another money scheme that over promises and under delivers.


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**Dr. Jared Ball**
Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that, he is a Professor of Communication and Africana Studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. and is founder/curator of imixwhatilike.org a multimedia hub of emancipatory journalism and revolutionary beat reporting. Ball is also author of The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power (Palgrave, 2020). Download the book from for free here


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