Ep 54 – Ain’t None of Us Free Until We All Free (The Remix): Haiti and Black America

On this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by Haitian native, Dieula Previlon, to discuss both the beautiful history and present-day environmental and political crises in Haiti. Dieula, who is a trauma counselor, ordained minister, and non-profit executive, offers us unique insight into both the factual occurrences and the real impacts on the hearts and bodies of people living and surviving through it. We start by recounting the courageous history of Haiti’s founding, which is rooted in a successful revolt by enslaved Africans against the French colonialists. Then we look at the ways that historical racism, unjust capitalism, and settler colonialism have left the island nation broken and impoverished. Properly contextualizing the present-day struggles against the backdrop of racist colonial conquest and America’s insidious political interference is a sobering reminder of the universality of the struggle facing Black people throughout the diaspora. Tune in to listen and learn!


  • Let’s help our brothers and sisters in Haiti by actually doing the work and partnering with organizations who are on the ground and getting relief directly to Haitians. The Haitian Bridge Alliance is one such group. @haitianbridge


Guest Details:

Dieula Previlon is an ordained minister through the Evangelical Covenant Church. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice and the founder of ElevateHer International ministries where she travels the world to teach women about trauma and how to find healing from trauma. She she was born in Haiti, grew up in NJ. She lived is north Texas with her husband and three young adult sons for 16 years and has recently returned to NJ. On any giving day, you might finding her reading, speaking and preaching about the intersections of faith and trauma, racial justice and how the gospel liberates women and all God’s children to live a life of purpose on purpose.
Website:  Elevate Life
Instagram: @dieulap

Non-Profit Organizations to Donate to and Follow:
– The Haitian Bridge Alliance
– Houston Haitians United
– Ayiti Community Trust (ACT)
– Heartline Ministries

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