Ep 42 – Beyond Martin & Rosa: Black History Month in Modern Black America

This episode, Erika is talking about all things Black History. She explores the history of Black History Month and asks if we still need it, does it benefit us and is it broken. Pull out your best MLK suit or Rosa Parks dress and listen as we think about the celebration in a new way.


  1. Watch the short from Teen Vogue called: How Black History Month Went From A Week To A Month. It’s a quick way to learn more about the holiday’s founding. It’s also the right amount of time if you want to share the history with your kids or niblings.
  2. Tell us what you think about Black History Month on Facebook, IG or Twitter.


Black History Month
Author:  history.com
Date: Jan 28, 2021

The Man Behind Black History Month
Author:  Sarah Pruitt
Date:  Jan 14, 2021

How Black History Month Went From A Week To A Month
Author:  TeenVogue.com
Date:  Feb 15, 2018

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