Ep 40 – Never Enough: The Myth of Productivity as a Measure of Success in a White World

In a capitalistic world where “the hustle” and “the grind” are consistently glorified, productivity is prized as proof of both inherent value and meaningful ambition. In this week’s episode, Amber and Erika discuss the unique ways that we as Black people often feel the pressure to be productive and define ourselves by what we do. Starting with the brutal commodification of chattel slavery, the episode explores how American capitalism has imbued into Black bodies a belief that rest is laziness and that we are only worthy to the extent that we are working. We talk about ways to reject this mindset and rest as resistance. Tune in to hear what we have to say!


  1. Rest as Resistance – Pick one way of rest/relaxation that you’re going to use to fight against the pressure to be productive in 2021. It could be yoga, a quiet walk, etc.
  2. Find an accountability partner and share your plan of rest with them so that they can hold you accountable.
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