Ep 19 – Computer Love: Racist Tech

Can technology be racist? When machines start making decisions that humans make today, won’t bias be a thing of the past? Will technology save our future and finally bring equity in hiring, lending and education? We’re talking about Computer Love on this episode of Broke-ish.


Google racist technology in ___________ (insert your favorite industry) and read a few articles you find. We really don’t need to pick and industry for you because no matter the industry, there is an algorithm at work to jack us up. Reach out on Facebook, IG or Twitter to tell us what you learned.


Algorithmic bias detection and mitigation: Best practices and policies to reduce consumer harms
Authors: Nicol Turner Lee, Paul Resnick, and Genie Barton
Date: May 22, 2019

Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice
Author: Daniel Cossins
Date: April 12, 2018

Can Racist Algorithms Be Fixed?
Date: July 1, 2019

The first bill to examine ‘algorithmic bias’ in government agencies has just passed in New York City
Author: Zoë Bernard
Date: December 19, 2017

What Is The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning?
Author: Bernard Marr
Date: December 6, 2016

Google ‘fixed’ its racist algorithm by removing gorillas from its image-labeling tech
Author: James Vincent
Date: January 12, 2018

Google has a hard time keeping its black employees
Author: Sara Ashley O’Brien
Date: June 15, 2018

Google diversity annual report 2019
Author: Google
Date: 2019

This Viral Video Of A Racist Soap Dispenser Reveals A Much, Much Bigger Problem
Author: Tom Hale
Date: August 18, 2018

High-tech redlining: AI is quietly upgrading institutional racism
Date: November 20, 2018

Who’s to Blame When Algorithms Discriminate?
Author: Emily Badger
Date: August 20, 2019

Fitbits, other wearables may not accurately track heart rates in people of color
Date: July 24, 2019

A.I.’s Hidden Biases Are Continuing to Bedevil Businesses. Can They Be Stopped?
Author: Jeremy Kahn
Date: July 16, 2019

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