Ep. 4 – It’s a Different World: College & Money


Is college right for you and/or your kids?
  • Have a convo with your kids about their aspirations?
    • Do their aspirations require a university degree?
    • If a degree is required, what’s the best way/place to pursue it for the greatest return on the financial investment?
    • Could it make sense to get started in the field before attaining a university degree?
    • Could a vocational education align with their aspirations
  • Compare trade school to college (from entrepreneur.com)


Receipts (Show Notes)


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  1. Catching up on my episodes. I love this topic! Very relevant to ALL American families, especially those of color or low-income backgrounds. I completely agree that a college degree is no longer a necessity. I think it’s just the stigma associated of not having a higher education. However, so many jobs now especially technical ones value experience and micro-credentials. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case to help bridge the wealth gap. Thanks for your content. I’ll tuck these notes for the future.

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