Ep 97 – The Call is Coming from Inside the House: Anti-Blackness in Black Face

On this payday, Amber and Erika deep dive into anti-blackness propagated by other Black people. Although we usually focus on whiteness and white agents of anti-blackness, this episode looks at the unique harms to our community when Black leaders and influencers peddle in anti-blackness. From pathologizing Black people to blaming and shaming us for problems directly caused by white supremacist systems, we unpack how to identify anti-blackness and why white supremacy is invested in amplifying Black agents of it. Using examples like Emmanuel Acho, Al Sharpton, Candace Owens, Charlemagne the God, and Roland Martin, we show that anti-blackness is often insidious and packaged as informative and/or liberation. Tune in to get the scoop!


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