Ep 93 – Scratching and Surviving: Evictions and the Affordable Housing Crisis

On this payday, Amber and Erika are talking housing insecurity, poverty, and how a lack of access to affordable housing disproportionately impacts Black people. Joined by Bill Holston, the Chief Operations Officer of the Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center, we discuss the nationwide inconsistency in tenants’ rights against landlords, the historical and legal events that created systemic inequity, and why poverty and insufficient resources impact people beyond just where they can afford to live. This episode was inspired by Matthew Desmond’s ethnographic book, “Evicted”, and we share themes from the book which highlight America’s long, dirty history of housing discrimination and resource deprivation towards its most vulnerable citizens. Take a listen and join in the conversation!


  1. Get caught up on past episodes of Broke-ish.
  2. Donate to the Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center (DEAC) or find other anti-eviction organizations in your area
  3. Read Evicted by Matthew Desmond.


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