Ep 87 – We Got Something in Common: What Palestine and Israel Teaches Us About the Global Struggle for Liberation

On this episode, Amber and Erika discuss the current war between Israel and Palestine, diving in to the complexities on both sides. We explore the creation of modern Israel against the backdrop of historical atrocities committed against the Jews and the Palestinian resistance to apartheid and for self-determination. Like most of the broken “ish” around us, this crisis has everything to do with propping up white supremacy, western influence, and settler colonialism in the Middle East. Looking at examples of American racism and other global resistance movements, we note that this is the same playbook used throughout the world to oppress marginalized people and hoard power.


  1. Get caught up on past episodes of Broke-ish.
  2. Make a scene in church if your pastor is a clown and has uncritical support of Israel.


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