Ep 83 – Everything Ain’t What it Seems: Adoption and Anti-Blackness

On this episode, Amber and Erika are unpacking the insidious ways that White Supremacy infiltrates the American adoption system. Lia, co-host of the podcast “Adoptees Crossing Lines” and an adoptee, walks us through the systemic inequities that often lead to adoption. Through both her personal experience and statistics and data, Lia describes how lack of assistance with job security, housing, and food often disproportionately results in Black and Brown children being removed from otherwise loving families and placed for adoption. Lia also discusses the lack of oversight and transparency in many adoptions, with children being put in families that have financial security but who are otherwise unloving or outright abusive. Lia then provides us with resources and recommendations on alternatives to adoption that help to protect vulnerable children and keep them connected to their families of origin when possible. Tune in to get the scoop!


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