In the Broke-ish space, we talk about being broke—broke and black in America. We talk about all the unbelievable *ish that America has done to Black people to keep us in this broke-ish state.  We’ve been bamboozled in ways that personal finance tips and traditional financial literacy can’t fix.  Our co-hosts, Delina and Erika, are 40ish women sharing candidly about money, wealth-building and the financial urban legends that need to die. You’ll hear them draw from research, statistics and personal insights to create an engaging podcast whose mission is to be a part of changing the narrative around money. Broke-ish is for those who still persevere, in spite of all the things that America, capitalism, white supremacy, have done to us as Black people. We’re Broke-ish. Let’s talk about it.

Our Hosts, Delina & Erika

Delina McPhaull would rather get a root canal (with nitrous) than talk about money. Numbers give her a headache. But what really interests her is the psychology of how we interact with money and discovering all the forces (besides our micro-decisions) that are conspiring against us. She is a writer and freelance editor an living in rural Texas with her husband, three homeschooled children, and free-range chickens.

Erika Brown has worked in corporate America since she was 20. From the time she was a child, she vowed that no one would know more about her money than her. Now that she is in the financial services industry, both her profession and passions (including Broke-ish) revolve around money. Erika lives with her husband and daughters in suburban Dallas, TX where she enjoys chicken on the bone as much as possible.